Professional Photography

Passionate, experienced and professional photography for a multitude of occasions including weddings, commercial needs, portraits and still life.

Journalistic Writing

Writing for news stories, feature articles and  advertorials for publication in newspapers, magazines, television broadcasts and on the Internet.

Digital Marketing & Promotions

Digital content creation, distribution and tracking of multi-media campaigns for brand exposure and development on digital platforms.

Social Media Management

Digital written and visual content creation, scheduling, monitoring, and measuring  to guide the social media presence of brands, products, individuals and events.



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As a photographer, I have years of experience with landscape, still life, portrait, sport, wedding, event and product photography. I take pride in every photograph I capture and I work to provide fun, creative and professional photographs for any occasion.


As a writer I have a background in journalistic writing for news, commercial, educational and editorial purposes. Fact-based writing is my specialty, though I enjoy the occasional opportunity of construing intricate details into an emotion-based feature.

In regards to marketing and social media, the product may vary but the end goals remain the same; brand building, establishing trust and growing engagement, all of which are done so through creative and transparent approaches.




“Nikki did a really nice job with words and photos as a regular contributor to my Vegas DeLuxe site and provided great photo coverage, celebrity interviews, profile stories and entertainment event reports. In all we published 30 of Nikki's articles and photo galleries. She proved at all times to be an enthusiastic and hard working individual who showed she has a great future ahead of her in the communications business. Job well done.”

 Robin Leach

Vegas DeLuxe, and Former Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous