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Handmade Crafts

It would be simple to say that hiking, camping and the documenting of our outdoor adventures is my only hobby, but alas it is far from it. In addition to escaping to nature, and documenting the fun, I am a crafting fanatic. Wood burning, painting, crocheting, wood working, you name it, I’ll craft it.


The majority of my creativity is inspired by the world around me and the adventures we embark on. Needless to say, nature-inspired decor is my jam. To share in the creative fun, I’ve started listing some of my creations and handmade decor for sale. Browse through some of my favorite pieces below, let me know which ones draw your attention and if you are interested in buying a piece or two, contact me and let me know! 


In case you were wondering...YES! -- I do take custom orders!! In addition to selling my nature-inspired decor, I also am available for commission pieces and can work with you to create custom decor, gifts and more, based on whatever you are looking for. 

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