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Journalism & Writing

Article contributions include: "Las Vegas Weekly," "Las Vegas Sun," "Las Vegas Golf & Leisure," "Quill Magazine," "the Working Press," "UNLV Rebel Yell," "Vegas DeLuxe with Robin Leach,” "Casino Enterprise Management," "Boyd Gaming," “The Record Courier,” “City Life,” “The Henderson Times,”,,,,,, and on-air at KRNV News 4. 


From breaking news to trade and industry-specific coverage to company profiles, I have experience with long-form articles composed over time, to deadline-driven breaking news and live reporting, comfortably adapting to both styles as needed. 

Health & Wellness

One of my larger fields of expertise, I have covered a variety of topics within the health and wellness field, from scientific-based reporting to wellness guides and informational articles that include advanced research, SEO, copywriting, and subject matter expert interviews for printed publications, digital magazines and blogs.


Through the years I have had the privilege to cover a variety of sporting events and compile a number of athlete features, often times providing full journalistic and photojournalistic packages.

News & Politics

Requiring more in-depth research and extensive interview processes, I have covered a variety of political stories from campaign watch parties to candidate profiles and political-opinion pieces on current events. 


Living in Las Vegas through college provided ample opportunity to cover a variety of red carpets and special events and gave me years of experience covering private and public events and interviewing industry specialists and celebrities alike. 


Beginning as a passion for photography and developing with an internship and mentorship with Society of Professional Journalists, I have been hired by numerous publications to provide stand-alone photojournalism as well as photojournalism to accompany written pieces. 

Examples Coming Soon

Lifestyle & Features

Among the many community-style reporting opportunities I have had the pleasure of covering, were human interest stories and community features and range from community-centric coverage to art, travel, fashion and cultural articles.


As I merged my journalistic background with marketing I was hired for a number of jobs to put together advertorials for magazines and digital publications to provide readers an inside look at featured advertisers and sponsors.

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