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My goal is to share adventures with people who want to know more about what's out there, and show people things they may not every get to see for themselves. I try to do this through a variety of forms, from written blogs, beautiful photography and entertaining videos. Two of my ambitious goals are to visit all of Nevada's State Parks and all of the National Parks and experience the unique landscapes they have to offer.


If you'd like to help support my projects and continued travels, here are a few ways to do so:

These are some of the brands I have affiliates with. While there's no extra perks for you personally other than shopping from brands that provide some great gear and equipment, I do make a small commission off of each purchase made with one of my links. And one thing I really want to emphasize is that I only take affiliate offers from brands I have a good history with as a customer. If I don't know the brand, the products or would recommend them from personal experience, I never join as an affiliate; so, I can promise you that the brands below are all ones that I believe in and personally support. 

Arcade Belts.png.webp

To share my creations, homemade crafts and decor with others I’ve started an Etsy shop called The Jealous Pen, where I have some art that is inspired by my travels, available for sale. Browse, favorite, buy and enjoy, and if you’re looking for something in particular, the answer is YES! -- I do take custom orders, just contact me!

Want to help fund our next set of camping adventures? You can donate to the fund, here and when I have enough saved up be sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my blog to see all photos and video from the trip.

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