An Exquisite Drive

Lake Tahoe

Settled in the midst of the Sierra Nevada Mountains rests the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe. 


Lying 6,228 feet above sea level, Lake Tahoe’s 50-degree, crystal-clear waters run 1,645 feet deep within 72-miles of beautiful shoreline. From warm sandy beaches and refreshing waters in the summer to snow-covered mountains and a winter wonderland come November, Lake Tahoe presents locals and visitors a flawless picturesque sanctuary.

As you step outside into the mountain air, take a deep breath. Among the desolate and serene wilderness, you will find the freshest air imaginable. The smell of pine surrounds you and the subtle sounds of waves, birds chirping in the distance and a light breeze in the tree tops overhead are a sensory revitalization.

Taking in the beautiful and awe-inspiring sights amidst the crisp fresh air and abundant pine forests is bound to give you an appetite. Culinary delights can be found for any occasion all around the lake. Whether you are looking for a formal dining venue with sunset lake views or a casual lounge or grill, you are bound to find something that tickles your taste buds.

While hotels, casinos and ski resorts continue to draw thousands of visitors each year, there is no doubt that the area's main attraction continues to be the perpetual beauty of the alpine paradise, which is sure to captivate your senses and guarantee you a memorable experience.

With all this and more, Lake Tahoe continues to be picturesque, an enjoyable place year-round, and is without a doubt, a slice of heaven on Earth.