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Escaping the City

Mt. Charleston

“My spirit soars where the air goes thin.”

When you think of Las Vegas one thing that may not race to the forefront of your mind is the mountains, yet just a short drive away there they stand, overlooking the neon glow of the city.


A mountain girl to the core, I’ve said it more times than I can count; if it weren’t for the mountains, Vegas would never be a city for me. Thankfully though, Mt. Charleston offers the mountain sanctuary that my soul craves. Nestled in the middle of the desert, this forest retreat offers the change of pace to leave the city behind, even if just for a brief afternoon escape.


No 100-degree weather, traffic or crowds. Just nature, critters, blue sky and clouds. For living in a desert, Mt. Charleston offers a wild arrangement of trails and scenic views, accompanied by the changing seasons and cooler temperatures. Depending on the trail, views of the Mojave Desert at its base and adjacent Spring Mountains never fail to provide a moment of complete bliss.


These are just a few of the images that capture the outdoor wonders that Mt. Charleston has to offer.

If you would like to order any prints, please contact me and we can discuss sizes and print options.

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