Escaping the City

Mt. Charleston

Found just a short hour from the neon lights of Las Vegas, Mt. Charleston offers a mountain sanctuary that, depending on your vantage point, can envelop you in forest while simultaneously providing you an overhead view of the sandy desert of the Mojave.


Rising upward of 11,916-feet in elevation at its peak, Mt. Charleston offers a foresty change of pace that any city-dwelling nature enthusiast is sure to enjoy.

With a wild arrangement of hiking, horse and backpacking trails, the mountain offers a variety of opportunities for outdoor adventure, and casual visits from nature’s inhabitants offer the subtle and calming reminder that you are not alone.

With a plethora of outdoor treks awaiting discovery, nearby dining and overnight accommodations provide less undertaking for those looking to simply enjoy the views and clearer skies. And the local community of gorgeous luxury cabins provides lodging envy to all those who visit.

In the middle of the desert you’ll find

A forest retreat to leave city behind.


No 100-degree weather, traffic or crowds

Just nature, critters, blue sky and clouds.


Let go of the reins that bind to the city. 

Wander and connect to nature’s committee.