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Nature-Inspired Art

It would be simple to say that hiking, camping and the documenting of our outdoor adventures is my only hobby, but alas it is far from it. In addition to escaping to nature, and documenting the fun, I am a crafting fanatic and huge fan of creating art. Wood burning, painting, crocheting, clay sculpting, holiday decor, you name it, I’ll make it.


To share my creations, homemade crafts and decor with others I’ve started an Etsy shop called The Jealous Pen, where I have some pieces available for sale. Browse, favorite, buy and enjoy, and if you’re looking for something in particular, the answer is YES! -- I do take custom orders, just contact me! 

If you're looking for something in particular, or wanting to get a custom piece of art, home decor or gift made for someone, getting started is simple. Contact me via my website, let me know what kind of piece you are looking for (painting, wood burning, holiday decor, wedding decor, etc) and the size and quantity you desire. From there I will circle back with you to fine tune your ideas and determine what colors, style and other details work best with your piece. Once you are happy with our brainstorm and feel comfortable with the commission details you'll receive an emailed invoice. Once that is paid, leave the rest to me! Your custom piece will be underway and shipped to you upon completion!

Why 'The Jealous Pen'

I have been a writer my entire life. From editorial and journalistic work in my professional life, to simple journaling, blogging and writing stories for fun. My crafting, and thus my Etsy shop, is where I put the pen aside to get lost in a different type of creation and focus on crafting. Thus sparks the envy of The Jealous Pen.

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