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Finding Joy in the Simple Moments

Another rainy camping weekend, but compared to our previous storm, this weekend provided an enjoyable mist of relaxation. Still within the monsoon season, we were apprehensive about the conditions we’d be met with upon arriving to the campground. Rain picked up about halfway into our drive up the mountain and as we pulled in, we were relieved to find that the rain was only a light mist for the moment; weather that is no issue for setting up our tent in.

With the iKamper set up and Tahoe laying down on a dry rug below the fold out cover of the tent, we appreciated the timing of the rain waiting for our setup to be complete before picking up. Now with a consistent rainfall, we altered our normal campground routine of walking the grounds, and decided that a relaxing happy hour spent inside the tent, listening to the rain was the option.

With no wind, the soothing sound of rainfall and a comfy setup, we simply kicked back and enjoyed the weather and the views all the while wondering if a hot meal was in store for us for dinnertime or if we’d be stuck inside the tent with dried food.

As pleasant as it was, luckily the rain lasted for only about an hour and a half until it finally subsided and we had the opportunity to take a nice walk and get started on cooking dinner.

The remainder of the evening included dry weather, which meant sitting outside below the stars, enjoying some walks around the campground and observing the chipmunks scurrying around after the storm.

The following morning provided beautiful clear skies and once our morning was complete at camp and we were fully packed up, we headed to Lee Canyon for a little jaunt along the Bristlecone nature trail; a favorite dog-friendly hiking option of ours. Finally, we wrapped things up with a little late-morning bite to eat on the patio of the Brewin’ Burro, just as the light rain rolled its way back in and we headed back home.

It’s simple trips like these that, though not action-packed and full of new adventures, are a nice retreat for some relaxation and quality time spent together enjoying the simple things in life; a beautiful setting, perfect weather, each other’s company and the opportunity to embrace it all.

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