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An Optimistic Look to a New Year

Updated: May 4

The last time I felt optimistic about a new year I was dealt the single worst year of my life. So since then, allowing myself to feel anything but apprehension or caution when it comes to the new year has become an unintentional norm that I have cocooned myself in.

Because of this, I was caught off guard when, for the first time in years I counted down the seconds to the new year and can honestly say I felt, dare I say, some excitement and hope for what the new year has to bring.

Nikki Villoria, blogger and digital content creator.

That being said, whether you are stepping into the new year filled with optimism or find yourself apprehensively awaiting what lies in store, I hope that this year deals you positive moments of growth, beautiful memories and that each month greets you with joy and kindness that fills your soul.

So this is just a little note to say that I am cheering you on as we all step into a new year and I am optimistically looking forward to sharing new adventures and beautiful outdoor settings with you in the coming months.

Happy New Year.

- Nikki
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