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The Best Moments of 2022

“Are you ready for the new year?” It’s a question I’ve been asked a hand full of times already. Each time it sends me home contemplating the multi-faceted layers of self-reflection and review of the year’s events.

At the end of the year, for that sake, it’s safe to say that even at the end of one’s life, the moments we tend to remember the most fondly are the best ones. The very best highlights that left our cheeks sore from laughter, out heart filled with gratitude, or even those that left us feeling the most emotional.

After loosing my dad in 2019, every video and photo of him served as more than just a memory. They served as living reminders of the best moments, the best sounds, the smiles, the laughter, and particular points in life to hold onto. While I have always been one to have a camera in hand, since then, I have grasped onto the chances to capture these singular moments in time to look back on as reminders of the best moments. If I’m honest, while I enjoy sharing these moments with others who enjoy the views, at the core, these videos and photos are for me. One day, future Nikki is going to thank past Nikki for this.

With a balance of personal and professional highs and lows, per the usual, the best moments have been the greatest views and the greatest people.

I enjoyed some amazing trips, revisited some of my favorite destinations, and explored a number of new hikes. All the while, sharing smiles and laughs with those who leave my soul feeling alive.

As far as hiking and adventures is concerned, 2022 brought with it our most exciting year for new camping and hiking adventures. We managed 30 days designated to hiking, and our iKamper continued to elevate our camping options and allowed us to savor 10 camping trips, visited 4 national parks and 6 state parks, and enjoyed 3 larger trips.

Now, as 2022 draws to a close in the last remaining hours, looking back at some of my favorite photos and moments from the year I realize how reviewing all the best photos and videos would take hours to sort through, so here's just a few of the high points that stand out.

While visiting and camping at Zion, Death Valley and Joshua Tree National Parks were incredible, camping at the Grand Canyon was by far one of my favorite and most memorable camping trips of the year and it was something we were able to do twice! As always, a trip to Lake Tahoe always makes the cut when it comes to my favorite moments of the year and we were able to spend some great time hiking, enjoying the lake and I even had a special moment remembering my dad by visiting a memorial with his name on it. Getting to a few concerts and shows to see Rise Against, the ACM Awards and Hadestown were incredible nights out. Another highlight from the year was making the time to create more art which provided such an enjoyable outlet for creativity and building up my artistic styles. Closing out the year on a high note and kicking off the holiday season with a handful of days at Disneyland was another incredible experience that tops my list for highlights of the year. Most importantly, spending time with family and friends who leave me feeling uplifted, however brief our time together was, was something I truly appreciate and value. (To those special individuals who may be reading this, you know who you are. Thank you for continuing to be a beacon of light in my life).

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2023 gives you a foundation of gratitude and joy, plenty of safe adventures that breathe life into your soul, brings the opportunity for growth where needed and provides you with lots of new memories to be made.


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