• Nikki Emord

Getting Off the Ground; Upgrading Our Camping Setup

Campervans, small RV options, roof top tents, trailers, we’ve spent the past year or so researching them all. Then, thanks to pandemic, we spent a few more months narrowing down our favorites by looking into pricing premiums and availabilities and after discussing our camping desires, storage space, setup requirements and adventure options, we finally settled on next camping upgrade setup; an iKamper Skycamp Mini.

Not only did this option come in at a perfect price point, it utilizes our TRD Off Road Taco, Roxie, and provides easy hauling even when we aren’t planning on camping. We also really liked this setup because it allows us to take our outdoor sleeping arrangements off the ground, and it fits perfectly with our style of camping by offering easy and quick setup for the freedom to partake in quick overnight trips when we are just looking for an escape from the city and the heat. Plus, the Skycamp Mini is pretty lightweight at only 125 pounds, which allows us the flexibility to take it on and off when needed without needing additional people to help us move it.

When it came to the mounting aspect of the iKamper, there were two things that were important to us; we didn’t want a ton of wind drag and we wanted to be able to still use the Tonneau bed cover so we could keep our gear locked up safely in the bed of the truck.

We reviewed a number of mounting bars and bracket setups and ultimately settled on BillieBars since they mounted close to the bed but had enough clearance to be mounted with the bed cover in place.

Both the bars and the iKamper mounted relatively easily, with measuring for center placement being the only real setup concern, although I was pretty glad that I’ve been doing strength training lately since the iKamper’s weight definitely was an initial concern of mine. I was pretty much worried about my abilities until I lifted it over my shoulders and realized we had it covered.

Once it was mounted we did a quick setup in the driveway, and were very happy with the ease of setup, I’ll wait to share more about the functionality of it until we can use it overnight. Our Skycamp Mini is ready for the road and Roxie officially has a partner in crime for our adventures, now we just have to give it a suitable name.

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