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I am a writer, photographer, creator and adventurer living in Las Vegas, NV. 


I have had a passion for writing and photography since I was in high school, and I grew up spending much of my free time trying to scrape up as many writing and photo assignments from the local newspaper as possible. I got an AA degree from Western Nevada Community College and then went to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where I majored in print journalism and found a love for digital content creation. During college, I made it a personal goal to be published in as many publications as possible, and when I walked across the stage at graduation, I had been published in over 30 publications.   

Since graduating my career path has led me in various directions and I've landed in a nice melting pot of content writing, digital content creation, photography and marketing.

I now balance the content creation aspect of my life with crafting, outdoor adventures, athletic endeavors and more laid-back household hobbies such as cooking and gardening. 


As life supplies me with new adventures and challenges I find the best therapeutic and authentic approach is to create and share.


Ink and Shutter is a symbolic representation of my two main passions; writing and photography. 


In addition, the ongoing artistic journeys of my Etsy shop, The Jealous Pen, is a nod to taking a break from writing to explore other creative efforts.


Nikki (Villoria) Emord 

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